HPE Integrity Itanium IA64 RX2800 Servers for VMS

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HPE Integrity Itanium IA64 RX2800 Servers for VMS

Post by cypresstech » Tue Dec 19, 2023 11:09 pm

The Itanium RX2800 is for HPs HP-UX Unix & OpenVMS operating systems. The RX2800 line is the latest HP Integrity Itanium to be manufactured.

Maximum features are:
. up to 16 CPU cores / 32-core Hyper-threading
. up to 384GB Memory
. up to 19TB Internal Storage w/ RAID opt 0, 1, & 5
. up to 6 x 2nd generation PCIe I/O slots w/ various interfaces
. up to 10GB LAN / 16GB Fiber / SCSI port
. SAS Solid State drives & PCIe NVME Accelerator
. supported OS: HP-UX Unix & OpenVMS

Pricing for working configuration w/ OS loaded:
RX2800 i2 w/ 4-core CPU - $2,500.00
RX2800 i4 w/ 4-core CPU - $3,000.00
RX2800 i6 w/ 4-core CPU - $6,300.00

. tested, reports, plug-n-play, end-user ready
. Latest Firmware Revision loaded
. Includes a 3-month hardware warranty
. Includes a 5-year hardware technical assistance service
. Remote cloud hosting available
. OpenVMS licenses & OpenVMS Managed Services available
. Hardware & Software maintenance available
. We ship Worldwide

Feel free to return this email for additional information or custom configuration on plug-n-play RX2800 servers or any questions.

Jesse Dougherty
Cypress Technology, Inc. / Re-Sellers of HP 9000 & Itanium hardware
Phone 888-954-3414
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