Silly with VMS access via SSH

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Silly with VMS access via SSH

Post by cct » Thu May 25, 2023 5:38 am

As reported on comp.os.vms:

Just a silly that I have ignored for years. It was the same with the setup for work (IA64 VMS 8.*), and is still present with 9.2-1, and now bugs me!
I have TCPWare on AXP that works OK.

This is with:
VSI X86VMS OPENVMS E9.2-1 Platform Installed
VSI X86VMS TCPIP X6.0-20 Full LP Installed
VSI X86VMS OPENSSH V8.9-1D Full LP Installed

I have both sys$announce and sys$welcome logicals defined:

$ sho lo sys$announce, sys$welcome

Both files exist, but when I login using SSH, I get the welcome.txt displayed when I login, but before I do, I get:

Using username "townleyc".
Pre-authentication banner message from server:
End of banner message from server
Authenticating with public key "XXXXXXXXX@XXXXXX"

correctly followed by the text in welcome.txt

If I set host from another node, or with set host 0 both are displayed as usual
Both files exist, and have w:re protection

How can I get SSH to display ANNOUNCE.TXT ?


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Re: Silly with VMS access via SSH

Post by sodjan » Sun May 28, 2023 5:50 am

-- I did try renaming the announce file to .COM but that did not work,...

It is not clear if you also added the @ sign to the sys$announce logical name.

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