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Free stuff

Post by paul_sak » Fri Jul 02, 2021 12:07 pm

Hello all,

I need to purge old VAX/VMS stuff and want to find a good home other than the dumpster. I prefer everything go to one home as I don't have time to piece it out. I am in Wilmington DE and can assist in delivering within reason.

I have:

VT340 terminal - worked last time I turned it on
LA75 printer - in original box,worked last time I turned it on
VMS Internals - older paperback and newer hard cover - like new condition
VMS File system internals
Almost complete collection of Digitial Equitment Technical Journal
DCL as a programming language book
Misc DEC handbooks
VMS Fortran manual
other misc. documentation

To a really good home I'll give up:
Computer Engineering by Gordon Bell et. al.
VAX Architecture Reference Manual
Computer Programming and Architecture, The VAX

I have been in the DEC/VAX world a long time. My first computer in college was the DECsystem20. I cut my teeth on PDP and VAX 11/780. Finished up with a 24-node cluster with 14 9600s and 10 HSC-70s. But time has moved on and I'm out of space. Would love to find a hobbiest or collector who wants this stuff.

I can be reached at paul_sak (at) yahoo (dot) com.

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