Making MMS cognizant of X86 cross build environment

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Making MMS cognizant of X86 cross build environment

Post by jonesd » Fri Aug 27, 2021 5:16 pm

I'm trying to make my descrip.mms file handle the X86 cross build environment and at the same time futureproof it so native build on X86 will work with no additional changes. Can I assume there will be a builtin MMSX86_64 macro when MMS is invoked on X86 OpenVMS?

My strategy for the cross build is to recognize that environment by seeing if $(MMSIA64)$(MMSX86_64) evaluates to "IA64X86_64", in which case I behave as if I'm running on X86_64 when building the final targets and do IA64 builds for intermediate executables required to produce the main targets (in this case a program that customizes the linker options file based on other build options). This last part is a bit clunky since I have to temporarily undo what X86_XTOOLS$SYLOGIN.COM set ups.

Overall X86_XTOOLS does a good job.

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