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Self-Paced OpenVMS Fundamentals Course

Posted: Mon Aug 19, 2019 8:41 am
by widget52c
I am inquiring on the Self-Paced OpenVMS Fundamentals course on-line, in someone's best guess how long would it take one to complete the course (in hours)

Re: Self-Paced OpenVMS Fundamentals Course

Posted: Tue Aug 20, 2019 2:54 am
by jane.doe
I would say it takes anywhere from 30 to 40 hours if there is no previous VMS experience, and add at least another 10 hours if the student is to get advanced command procedure training (not just LOGIN.COM but command procedures used for system management, backups, user menus, etc). This should certainly not be uninterrupted training time: do not study more than 4-5 hours per day.