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New stream!

Post by vivis » Sat Dec 31, 2022 2:34 pm

Hello all.
I'm pretty much an OpenVMS neophyte, but thats not stopping me from streaming my experience on! The schedule is usually 8-10pm EST every friday, but we're having a bonus stream tonight for NYE, also from 8-10PM!

The channel is and the focus is on everything digital and computing that is *NOT* micro computing. So this would include OpenVMS, IBM i, IBM Z and related mainframe computers, other minicomputers, and probably even some digital logic/fpga stuff. The channel goal is to make getting into some of this stuff I listed a little bit easier. Lord knows it took quite a lot of time and research for me to get this far.

I'm starting it out basically focusing on OpenVMS becuase I've been having such a ball with the system over the last few weeks!

I normally expect to be teaching my audience, but if I can get some VMS gurus to drop by, I'm sure the will be teaching me!

Thanks All,

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