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Ask the Wizard - Information and Disclaimer

Posted: Tue Jan 11, 2022 9:04 am
by marty.stu
This section is a re-upload of the old and well-known Ask the Wizard provided by DEC, Compaq, and HP until late 2004. We decided that the bulletin board is best suited for this information format. We will keep working on replacing obsolete links, correcting mistakes, and improving navigation through the section, but do not expect any significant changes such as providing info for post-Alpha architectures, newer OpenVMS versions, or modern hardware, and so on. Currently we do not plan to revive Ask the Wizard either, therefore the possibility to post or rate anything in this section as of now is blocked, so consider this section a nostalgic archive that can still be used as a great knowledge database on OpenVMS, its native architectures, and related hardware.