Volume Shadowing - Best Practice in Multiple Reboots?

Management of storage subsystems: SAN, volume shadowing, logical disks, file systems, and more.
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Volume Shadowing - Best Practice in Multiple Reboots?

Post by vmskostoff » Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:05 pm

I have two Itaniums running OpenVMS 8.4 with Volume Shadowing.
One is a primary node and the other is a backup.
I have SAN disks as the Master members and local disk as the shadow set members.

In the midst of a crisis, both nodes were being independently rebooted and also not allowed the
shadow copy to complete if one was deemed necessary.

In a case such as this, is it ok to:
1. Modify SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM to take out the shadow set members for the time being and just run on the
Master members, the SAN drives?
2. Other idea or best practice?
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