Data exchange between OpenVMS and Windows 10 via .img file possible?

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Data exchange between OpenVMS and Windows 10 via .img file possible?

Post by mwammer » Fri Nov 22, 2019 2:15 pm

Dear all,

I want to compile an old OpenVMS utility of mine which I continued to develop under Linux/Windows when I lost DEC and my access to OpenVMS systems many years ago.

The natural way to go about things in getting the files necessary into OpenVMS (FreeAXP student package) would have been the network. As I'm still encountering networking problems, however, I cannot continue with the port.

As a workaround, I marveled about copying the files into some kind of container (along the lines of building a .vmdk file in VMWare). I imagine that such a container would have to have a file system that both Windows and OpenVMS understand. How could I go about this?

I'll be grateful for any ideas because currently I feel like helping myself to a bloody nose whichever way I try to go.

Best regards, Michael

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Re: Data exchange between OpenVMS and Windows 10 via .img file possible?

Post by marty.stu » Mon Nov 25, 2019 2:50 am

Hi Michael,

The easiest way for us to move files between OpenVMS and Windows has been to create ISO images using the Imgburn utility: Any other software that supports ISO9660:1988 should also be fine. Then specify the image you have created as a disk in the Virtual Alpha Configuration Utility, check the CD-ROM checkbox, boot the system, and then mount the device.

You should also probably zip your files before moving them to OpenVMS and then unzip them on the target system to avoid issues with line endings and file names. This binary should work for you: ... e/download

But still I don't see what is wrong with networking in your case. Could you describe your environment and the steps you followed when installing the emulator in the corresponding thread, I mean this one - viewtopic.php?f=9&p=253#p253)?

Thank you,

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