Management of storage subsystems: SAN, volume shadowing, logical disks, file systems, and more.
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Post by sms » Tue Mar 19, 2024 1:05 am

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   VMS V8.4-2L3 (IA64), DFG V3.3

   Scheduled (running weekly for years) DEFRAGMENT job started failing
(months ago, but I just got around to looking into it).  Typical e-mail
failure notification:

From:   ITS::SYSTEM       "Disk File Optimizer for OpenVMS "
To:     SMS
Subj:   Defragmentation process failed, scheduler DFG$ITS

Defragmentation process for script VMS084ITS has completed
Completion time was 17-MAR-2024 03:10:38.03
%DFG-W-UNRECOVERR, unrecoverable error
Target volume was DISK$VMS084ITS (_ITS$DKA0:)

   This contributed a little to the delay:

ITS $ help /mess UNRECOVERR
%MSGHLP-F-NOTFOUND, message not found in Help Message database

   However, some Web search or other, track of which I've now lost, led
me to look for relevant OPCOM messages, and in SYS$MANAGER:OPERATOR.LOG,
I found many like these:

%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM  17-MAR-2024 03:10:38.01  %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user SYSTEM on ITS
%DFG-F-SYSSRVERR, call to system service SYS$EXPREG failed

%%%%%%%%%%%  OPCOM  17-MAR-2024 03:10:38.01  %%%%%%%%%%%
Message from user SYSTEM on ITS
-SYSTEM-F-EXPGFLQUOTA, exceeded pagefile quota

   Consulting the "Disk File Optimizer for OpenVMS Guide to Operations"
revealed section "3.2.7. Defining Quotas for the Defragmentation


and the (woefully small?) default "PGFLQUOTA - 50000", as well as the
existence of SYS$STARTUP:DFG$STARTUP.COM, the suggested place for
specifying different values for this and other DFG process quotas.

   Of course, section "  DFO Logical Process Quotas" suggested
that the symptom would be INSVIRMEM, not EXPGFLQUOTA, which helped to
defeat my Web search.

   ITS$DKA0: is a 300GB volume, about half full, by the way, which I
wouldn't think was especially large these days.

   Because I failed to find any useful hints on this problem (more than
once, anyway), I thought that one (more) report couldn't hurt much. 
Whiny complaints follow.

   1. The default DFG PGFLQUOTA (50000) is woefully small.

   2. The E-mail failure notification subject, "Defragmentation process
failed, scheduler DFG$ITS" did not make it clear (to me) whether the
defragmentation process or the scheduler was experiencing the problem.

   3. The useful failure details (%DFG-F-SYSSRVERR,
-SYSTEM-F-EXPGFLQUOTA) are hidden among the OPCOM messages, which detail
was not mentioned in the E-mail failure notification.

   4. HELP /MESSAGE disappointed again.

   5. DFG$STARTUP.COM and DFG$SHUTDOWN.COM are in different places
relation to the quota logical names, but leaves the user to hunt for it. 
Presumably, after specifying new values, one should run DFG$SHUTDOWN.COM
and DFG$STARTUP.COM, but I didn't see any explicit direction to do that.

   6. DFG$SHUTDOWN.COM expects the user to "uncomment the line
associated with any logical you enabled in the DFG$STARTUP.COM file.",
rather than simply DEASSIGNing any of them which might be defined. 
According to the Guide, "The right way to change these logicals is to
mention DFG$SHUTDOWN.COM, and neither DFG$STARTUP.COM nor the Guide
mentions any DEASSIGNing in DFG$SHUTDOWN.COM.

   Apparently "a new kit (V3.3-4)" is out (for x86_64):


at which I haven't yet looked, but these days the Service Platform is
(even) less helpful than before (always "No packages to show") for Alpha
and IA64 Community peons like me.

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