Cannot upload anymore

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Cannot upload anymore

Post by willemgrooters » Sun Jul 31, 2022 1:59 pm

I started with my project after at least half a year, and ran into upload problems.
Development system is VSI VMS 8.4L1 (community license), and I had some issues connecting to the system using putty:
The first key-exchange algorithm supported by the server is diffie-hellman-group1-sha1, which is below the configured warning threshold.
But I can still access the system.

However, since some updates of the IDE, upload fails:
client error: Error: Handshake failed: signature verification failed
Cannot find files on remote source
Upload failed. [WGCMS]
which did succeed before.

There have been updates of Windows of course, which may cause these issues, but now I'm stuck with this problem. Of course I can still upload or download files by good old FTP but I would prefer to do it from within IDE. What do I need to do the get around this problem?

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Re: Cannot upload anymore

Post by sergey_vorfolomeev » Mon Aug 01, 2022 4:45 am

in the file

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add (or edit) a line to the block of required host

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"skipSignatureVerification": true,
for example

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                "host": "",
                "keyFile": "",
                "password": "",
                "port": 22,
                "username": "user",
                "debug": false,
                "skipSignatureVerification": true,
                "supportSetFileTime": true,
                "unzipCmd": "",
                "zipCmd": "",
                "label": "node"
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