Sharing this use case : Git(Lab) + VSCode + VMS-IDE

Here you can discuss the universal Integrated Development Environment for OpenVMS.
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Sharing this use case : Git(Lab) + VSCode + VMS-IDE

Post by l.cedric » Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:04 am

Just to share with you a use case we succeded to implement after some tries with parameters and few VMS-IDE versions (from 0.0.21 to 1.0.2 and VSCode 1.35.1)

Context :
  • Currently our company goal is to migrate his information systems towards DevOps !
  • You know ? a lot of beautiful tools reserved to the youngers who laught at us because of our deprecated OS :x
  • But ... what about VMS interoperability with modern tools :?
  • One year ago, I was afraid of being old ... Not today ! And i'm trying to explain why in order to try to rejuvenate the VMS world :D

My use case :
  • Pre-requisite done 1 year ago : migrate our 14000 files (or 3M loc or 800 Mo ...) from CMS to the marvellous Git(lab) = The very first step towards DevOps automated stuffs.
  • My “requirements“ :
    • Git clone on Windows (~3 minutes), editing on Windows (not especially the way VMS-IDE is designed => What i've understood in the wiki, the code should come from the OpenVMS server (?) )
    • Just 1 (zip) Upload on OpenVMS to build => ~5 minutes for ours 14000 files (hopefully we have a SSD drive …)
    • "Synchronize" sometimes (just few seconds) when few files are updated and need to be build

But ... but ... :
  • Currently (v1.0.2 and the previous versions), the 1st Synchronize uploads the whole 14000 again (It’s an issue I try to eliminate)
  • So it takes ~ 5 minutes again like the first Upload :?
  • No issue for the followings Synchronize

So as I’ve noticed a new function in your release note (and in your wiki) “Quick uploading” …
  • I used it instead of the Synchronize
  • It seems to work better and eliminate the above issue 😊

Voilà ! How we work today for the development.

Moreover :
  • We have currently a nightly build on the remote Git C.I. branch develop, thanks to an automated download thru $curl, and the rest of the pipeline is still manual.
  • We plan to use one day Artifactory & Ansible ... as $ssh & $curl seem to work well. But we will make a POC first 8-)
  • A wish : Docker for VMS (before my retires :? )
  • And finally, the screenshoot below could help big software to select just few components-folders of it (the whole files are not always needed for an enhancement), in order to save Upload time

Good rejuvenation to all ;)

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