VMS IDE 1.5.41 has been released

Here you can discuss the universal Integrated Development Environment for OpenVMS.
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VMS IDE 1.5.41 has been released

Post by sergey_vorfolomeev » Tue Apr 20, 2021 3:05 am

VMS IDE 1.5.41 has been released

New wiki page is created: https://wiki.vmssoftware.com/VMS_IDE_how_to

## 1.5.41
* Correct readme file

## 1.5.40
* Prepare to debug downloads only from current build configuration output folder.
* The behavior of 'edit' download option has changed: diff edit window is opened only if the file exists on PC side. Otherwise, the file will be downloaded.

## 1.5.39
* Shortening path for task2cmd socket.
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