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FreeAXP on one-NIC host system

Posted: Fri Nov 22, 2019 3:36 am
by ajbrehm
Is there an easy-to-follow guide somewhere that explains how to run FreeAXP on a host with one NIC?

The Virtual Alpha manual's method doesn't work (or perhaps is too complicated for me to follow).

Added in 11 hours 37 minutes 24 seconds:
Correction: It does work. Turns out step 4 is very important.

4) Go to the virtual “Avanti NIC” properties; choose “Configure”; and on the “Advanced” tab, set “Media Status” to “Always Connected”.

And that is also why the Microsoft loopback adapter doesn't work, I suppose.

I now have FreeAXP running on my new Windows PC and I can ssh to it locally. VMS IDE also works. All good.