FTP not working

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Re: FTP not working

Post by fim » Tue Jan 17, 2023 6:11 am

Sometimes FTP works partially, sometimes not at all.
I'll put this down and wait for OpenVms without FreeAXP.
But thank you for trying to help me.
/fim W.

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Re: FTP not working

Post by arne_v » Wed Jan 18, 2023 8:33 am

This is probably a Windows and emulator problem and not related to VMS at all.

I have also had some network problems and I ended up with:
- adding a loopback adapter on Windows and giving that an IP address in a different subnet than the usual one
- put VMS on the emulator on that subnet

But different Windows version and different emulator so small chance that it would solve your problem.
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Re: FTP not working

Post by sms » Thu Jan 19, 2023 5:34 pm

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> I'm running the OpenVMS Student Package [...]

   I haven't tried that, so I know nothing about how its networking
should be configured.  (And if you described how you configured that,
then I missed it.)  But...

> But I can't get FTP to work from the host computer.

> 5=C:\>PING
> [...]

   What's at ""?  What are the addresses of the network
interfaces on the Windows system?  (Is there more than one?  I'm no
Windows expert, either, but I'd expect ipconfig to say something

   Normally, if "ping" fails, then it's unlikely that anything else
(like, say, FTP) would work.

> $ FTP
> 220 fimsvms.FIMSVMS FTP Server (Version 5.7) Ready.

   I'd be a little amazed if the VMS system couldn't talk to itself.

> Anyone understand what I'm doing wrong?

   Not I, but I know very little about what you're doing.  (That is, how
your LAN is configured, who's at which address(es), and what, exactly,
is connected to what, how.  Are there other devices at other addresses?)

> [...] the x.x.0.1 looks like a gateway address to me.

   To me, too.

> Sometimes FTP works partially, sometimes not at all.

   "Some_times_"?  I see no _time_ dependence.  What I believe that I
see is a VMS system which can talk to itself, but not to whatever might
be at "".  And a Windows system which can talk to whatever
might be at "".  Which is not a complete description of much.

> I have done the installation according to the YouTube video as best I
> could.

   Not a very detailed description of anything.  Let's imagine that
someone wanted to duplicate what you did on his own system.  How helpful
would your (non-)description be?

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