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Community License Program - Questions & Answers

Post by marty.stu » Wed Aug 12, 2020 4:39 am

VMS Software has launched the Community License Program: you can get a free OpenVMS license intended for non-commercial use by applying here: In this thread, we will cover a few frequently asked questions about the Community License Program.

Use of Clustering

The Community License for Integrity does not include Clustering. The Community License for Alpha includes ALPHA-SYSTEM and ALPHA-LP (Clustering is included). VMS Software does not disallow the use of community license on several devices at a time.

Use on Emulators

Community license may be used on hardware or emulators.

Supported Architectures

Community licenses are available for Alpha and Integrity at the moment and will be available for x86 in the future. VAX licenses are not available as VMS Software Inc. has not released a version of OpenVMS for VAX.

Problems when Requesting the License

A few users reported problems when requesting the license with this form:
If you encounter any, please repeat your request; if you continue having problems, please contact us at

Additional Agreements

In the line “You may Use Software only as provided for, and in connection with either Alpha, Integrity, or x86-64 processor-based servers, and/or emulators and/or hypervisors, as agreed by You and VSI”, we mean as agreed when you submitted the license request form found here: No additional agreements are involved.

Remote Monitoring

In the line “You acknowledge that VSI may monitor your compliance with Use restrictions remotely or otherwise, and you agree to provide reasonable cooperation in connection therewith”, VMS Software Inc. reserves the right to request information regarding your use of the license, and by agreeing to the conditions of the license agreement, you agree to provide such information. If at any moment in the future it is decided to incorporate any monitoring software into the license agreement, VMS Software Inc. will amend the agreement accordingly and only provide the new license to those who have signed the amended agreement.

Installation Files

Access to installation files for the products covered by the license for the relevant architecture are provided together with the PAKs.

ECO Kits

ECO kits are not provided to holders of the Community License as they are released.

List of the products released by VSI

You can find the list of the products available from VMS Software Inc. by clicking on the links below. They include the list of layered products released by VMS Software, both opensource and commercial:

Note from the administration: This post may be expanded in case we get more questions.
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Re: Community License Program - Questions & Answers

Post by willemgrooters » Wed Mar 30, 2022 12:06 pm

willemgrooters wrote:
Sun Mar 06, 2022 2:56 pm
volkerhalle wrote:
Tue Dec 28, 2021 1:36 am

as a temporary workaround, you could use the ALPHA-LP license from the VSI Student Kit. Use $ LICENSE ISSUE ALPHA-LP and add that license to your 2nd node in your cluster. The license currently is valid until 8-MAR-2022.

That solved the problem - but only temporarily.
From the new student kit:

Code: Select all

$ license issue alpha-lp
Software Product Authorization Key Replica
Issued by SYSTEM
Issued on  6-MAR-2022 20:27
Issuer:             VSI
Authorization:      HOBY-7875VMSSOFTW-V202202284923
Product Name:       ALPHA-LP
Producer:           VSI
Units:              1050
PAK Termination Date:     8-MAR-2023
Availability:       H
Options:            (ALPHA)
Checksum:           (obscured)
and no update to the alpha-lp community license so far.
Installed this license on my second DS10 a few days ago, before expiration of the current and shutdown the DS10. After expiration, the system started again, and layered products seem to work. So it does do the trick. But to be considered a temporary workaround, I do prefer the CL to have more units so you can cluster DS10's and DS20's
One remark on this: The workaround allows a cluster of 2 Alpha's at most; a third system will fail to load ALPHA-LP license since both Community and student license will be consumed.
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